Making kdefx static

Mosfet daniel.duley at
Sat Aug 4 01:11:37 BST 2007

Maksim: Unmaintained codebase? In case you have forgotten I offered to update 
and maintain this stuff way back in 2004/2005. I was turned down because we 
were supposed to have a new image effect library that isn't ready yet. Don't 
blame me for this! I offered *years ago* to maintain it. I am finding it 
rather frustrating that people are critical of Blitz because it wasn't 
developed openly in SVN, or because KImageEffect has been unmaintained for so 
long, when I offered to do that years ago and was turned down.

And as far as it having a lot of effects that "don't work so well", have you  
even tried Blitz? Blitz != KImageEffect. The effects were all rewritten a 
long time ago, have much nicer code, and all work properly.

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