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Mosfet daniel.duley at
Wed Aug 1 17:50:25 BST 2007

On Wednesday 01 August 2007 11:06:03 am Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> Mosfet wrote:
> > Since Blitz and KImageEffect are not completely API compatible the
> > easiest thing on me would be to still remove KImageEffect and KCPUInfo,
> > add Blitz as a dependency instead for 4.0, and I port the stuff in SVN to
> > use it. This is pretty straightforward, (the API is similiar), and I'd be
> > happy to help doing this. For 4.1 we'll be using Quasar.
> Sounds like an equally good plan. In that case, can we integrate Blitz
> into KDE's svn, or what? Replacing kdefx (i.e. put it in kdelibs for
> now) would be the least hassle for others. Any thoughts on making Blitz
> also static to avoid BC issues when we remove it?

That's fine as long as non-SVN apps can access it. We definitely want to make 
sure there are no BC problems because it *will* be replaced by 4.1. Really, 
however you want to handle the switch is okay with me, I just want to get 
KImageEffect out of there. Haven't used it for a long time myself and the 
code is just gnarly :P

Even though I just released Blitz 0.0.2 I'm working on a few more improvements 
that will result in a 0.0.3. Give me a day or two to finish this. In the 
meantime I haven't gotten a lot of feedback so if your using KImageEffect 
please take a look at it Blitz and make sure it works for you! I've gotten a 
lotta "Hi, nice to see you" emails but not a lot of "I tested this and it 
works" ones ;-)

Blitz 0.0.2 can be downloaded at:

> > BTW: Please CC me when responding on this thread as I'm not on the list.
> nntp:// :-)

Heh, I don't use news but read the list archive pretty frequently.

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