[PATCH]Authentication with NTLM proxy server

Szombathelyi György gyurco at freemail.hu
Wed Sep 27 16:23:02 BST 2006

I think you should ask the release coordinator (coolo).

Robert Gruber írta:
> Szombathelyi_György wrote:
>> Yeah, I think that's correct, but don't forget to test. I'm not 
>> developing anymore in the KDE3 trunk, so I cannot test it. 
> I've tested it, and it works just fine with our proxy server.
> Can I commit it? Isn't there a release planned in a few days? 
> Is the SVN repository open for commits? Or should I wait until the release is 
> already tagged?
>> In the KDE4  
>> version of KNTLM I solved this in a different way, by specifying flags 
>> what response types should returned, so one can request for both LM and 
>> NTLM response (however I think servers that has the Negotiate_NTLM flag 
>> in their challenge, and cannot live without LM are insane and 
>> buggy...The whole point of NTLM is that you don't need to pass the 
>> weaker LM response over the wire).
> Indeed the proxy server I have to use to get into the internet sets both the 
> LM and the NTLM flag in it's challenge packets. And to me it seams as if it 
> realy insists in getting both information sent with the NTLMSSP_AUTH packet.
> Nevertheless I'm looking forward to try your new implementation for KDE4. 
> Cheers, Robert

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