[PATCH]Authentication with NTLM proxy server

Robert Gruber rgruber at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Sep 27 16:15:37 BST 2006

Szombathelyi_Gy├Ârgy wrote:
> Yeah, I think that's correct, but don't forget to test. I'm not 
> developing anymore in the KDE3 trunk, so I cannot test it. 
I've tested it, and it works just fine with our proxy server.
Can I commit it? Isn't there a release planned in a few days? 
Is the SVN repository open for commits? Or should I wait until the release is 
already tagged?

> In the KDE4  
> version of KNTLM I solved this in a different way, by specifying flags 
> what response types should returned, so one can request for both LM and 
> NTLM response (however I think servers that has the Negotiate_NTLM flag 
> in their challenge, and cannot live without LM are insane and 
> buggy...The whole point of NTLM is that you don't need to pass the 
> weaker LM response over the wire).
Indeed the proxy server I have to use to get into the internet sets both the 
LM and the NTLM flag in it's challenge packets. And to me it seams as if it 
realy insists in getting both information sent with the NTLMSSP_AUTH packet.

Nevertheless I'm looking forward to try your new implementation for KDE4. 

Cheers, Robert

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