KMessageBox custom Cancel button

Thomas Friedrichsmeier thomas.friedrichsmeier at
Mon Sep 18 21:30:25 BST 2006

Attached you will find the promised patch(es).

The following files are contained in the tar.gz:

- kmessagebox.kdelibs.patch: This is the svn diff of the kdelibs directory 
only. It is contained in the patch below, but also provided separately to 
make it easier to see the core of the change
- kmessagebox.KDE.patch: Patch for the entire trunk/KDE 
- kmessagebox.koffice.patch: I did not get this included in the same patch
- kmessagebox.kdewebdev.patch: Dito. Additionally, I could not get kdewebdev 
to compile completely due to unrelated problems, so maybe I did not catch all 
instances of KMessageBox::*Cancel* needing patching

I did not manage to compile kdebindings at all (unsermake), and also omitted 

If this seems good, please apply.

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