KDE4 KSelectAction bug

Hamish Rodda rodda at kde.org
Sat Sep 16 06:46:21 BST 2006

On Saturday 16 September 2006 07:04, Kleag wrote:
> Hello,
> It seems that KSelectAction has a bug. I encountered it in my porting of
> kgraphviewer and was able to reproduce it in the kwindowtest kdelibs test
> program, thanks to the help of David Faure on #kde4-devel.
> The problem is that the KSelectAction actions slots are called from menubar
> but not from toolbar. See the modified kwindowtest
> (http://rafb.net/paste/results/vCsgvC54.html) for an example.

The link isn't valid any more, can you post the example to the list or send it 
to me?

I wrote a test of my own and it works fine (apart from the accelerator manager 
adding accels to the text, so you can't rely on the text triggered signal).

> Sorry, but I don't feel as being able to correct this problem myself...
> Should I open a bug report at bugs.kde.org ? In other words, is it open for
> KDE4 bugs ?

I'm not sure if we're really using it for kde4 yet.  However, if we can't fix 
this soon then that would be a good idea.

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