D-BUS required changes in KDE 4

Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Wed Sep 13 23:00:39 BST 2006

Olaf Jan Schmidt wrote:
>A test made a while ago claimed that D-Bus is 18x slower than ORBit2
> (and 3 times slower than DCOP):

That test is laughable. Don't take it seriously any more than you take 
seriously any kiddie's benchmarking. It does some very weird testing and 
comes up with pretty inconsequential conclusions. String comparisons?! 

>* The main reason described in the analysis is the lack of caching for
> DCOP and D-Bus. Would it be possible to add it?

Caching of what?

>* Is D-Bus using sockets for local communication to improve the speed,
> such as ORBit2 does? If not, would it make sense to change that?

Yes, it's using sockets. What else would it be using?

Now, libdbus-1 can use some optimisation in the marshalling code. My own 
tests indicate it can be slow. But compared to the two task-switches 
necessary to actually relay data to a remote process, that's negligible.

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