Features for the new bugzilla?

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at suse.cz
Tue Sep 12 08:20:21 BST 2006

Dne pátek 08 září 2006 15:29 Philip Rodrigues napsal(a):
> Hi,
> As I guess everyone knows, there's a new server for bugs.kde.org being
> prepared, with a newer version of bugzilla installed. This seems like a
> good opportunity to discuss what additional features or changes would be
> useful in the new bugzilla installation.

 Things I can think of:

- Automatic selecting of the radiobutton for "reassign bug to owner of 
selected component" whenever the product/component change. People sometimes 
forget this and since I often query on bug owner instead of component, I 
don't see bugs "reassigned" to me.

- Automatic adding of the commenter to CC field if they're not there yet, for 
hopefully obvious reasons. This would probably need a checkbox to make it 
simple to disable (although clearing the CC lineedit is not that much work 

- Automatic selecting of the accompanying radiobutton when entering something 
in the duplicate lineedit, just like it happens with the resolution 
radiobutton. Not really important :) but somewhat annoying.

- Maximum size limit on comments, pointing to attachments when exceeded. I'd 
sometimes kill when people directly paste 200-lines backtraces, especially if 
it's only a lot of ??'s.

- And the already-mentioned NEEDINFO resolution that'd allow one to close the 
bugreport and never bother with it anymore unless the reporter actually 
replies. Having a list of bug numbers and dates of the last question in the 
todo file feels somewhat lame.

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