You *HAVE* already an app-specific printoption pane with KDEPrint (and some apps *DO* use it since years....) [was: "kdepring what are the plans?"]

Kurt Pfeifle k1pfeifle at
Mon Sep 11 21:39:27 BST 2006

On Monday 11 September 2006 09:40, Thomas Zander wrote:

> For the print dialog; I'd love to have an app-specific pane for KOffice 
> features.

That's already possible since many years (5?). [Possibly it does
not allow everything you want it to do, that is what *you* must

According to my past notes there are already at least 21 different 
applications in KDE using one or more extra tabs for app-specific 
print settings.

For examples of just *how* and in which different ways this feature 
may be utilized by application developers, please have a look at 
the (expanded) print dialogs started from these applications, and 
the second [and maybe 3rd and 4th] tab from the left on lower half:

  application   |  tab heading(s)
 * kate         |  Text Settings
 * kate         |  Header & Footer
 * kate         |  Layout
 * konqueror    |  HTML Settings
 * kcron        |  Cron Options  
 * kpresenter   |  KPresenter Options
 * kchart       |  KChart Options
 * kspread      |  Sheet Selection
 * digikam      |  Image Settings
 * kst          |  ???
 * gwenview     |  Image Settings
 * konsole      |  Options
 * kig          |  Kig Options
 * kwordquiz    |  Vocabulary Options
 * kmplot       |  KmPlot Options
 * kfax         |  Layout
 * kolf         |  Kolf Options
 * kooka        |  Image Printing
 * kview        |  Image Settings
 * kuickshow    |  Image Settings
 * kviewshell   |  Page Size Placement
 * umbrello     |  Diagrams
 * khexedit     |  Page Layout

(There may be more examples already, but this is the list of apps
I remember to have seen that feature taken advantage of. I believe
you should be able to find them all, if you grep in the KDE sources
for files that include "kprintdialogpage.h").


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