Jaison Lee lee.jaison at gmail.com
Mon Sep 11 14:39:20 BST 2006

> I know you're no longer among the trolls, but since you asked, a constructor
> that was the following would seem to get around this issue:
> QTemporaryFile(const QDir &dir, const QString &templateName)

This is unneccesary. If you pass a full path in the templateName field
it will change the directory. It's just not particulary well
documented. It's how I was planning on making things work with the

When I say a "small wrapper" I really do mean it. We're probably
talking about 10 lines of code here.  :)

> Whether a wrapper class would still be justified is debatable.

IMHO it's not acceptable for every programmer to pass the KDE tmp
directory to the constructor every time he/she uses QTemporaryFile. We
would have tmp files everywhere. A KTemporaryFile class should exist
to make sure things go to the right place without any one having to
worry about it.

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