Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Mon Sep 11 12:45:14 BST 2006

On Monday 11 September 2006 10:37, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Scott Wheeler wrote:
> >Is there a reason that TT couldn't just add a static method to set the
> > default temp dir?  i.e. QDir::setTempDir()?  Then that could just be
> > set in KApplication and would be one less thing that would have to be
> > overridden.
> It probably can and should be done. But KDE has two temporary dirs
> ($KDETMPDIR and $KDEVARTMPDIR). I don't know how those two work
> internally, but a static method won't do if both use KTempFile.

It seems that internally KTempFile only has one default path, but also allows 
the user to specify a directory (well, rather it interprets the "name" as a 
path prefix rather than a template name a la QTemporaryFile).

I know you're no longer among the trolls, but since you asked, a constructor 
that was the following would seem to get around this issue:

QTemporaryFile(const QDir &dir, const QString &templateName)

...potentially with the other constructors doubled as well.

There are a handful of other methods(file(), textStream(), dataStream()) that 
are widely used, but still possible (if more cumbersome) with the Qt 4 API.

Whether a wrapper class would still be justified is debatable. 


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