Change from Gregorian to Julian calendar in Qt 4.2

cmiramon at cmiramon at
Sat Sep 9 00:41:37 BST 2006

David Jarvie wrote:

> But unfortunately QDate *can* be wrong for dates before 1582. The date at
> which the year number changed varied from country to country until 1st
> January was eventually adopted universally. (This happened as late as 1752
> in England and Wales.) For example, in France the date the year number
> changed was Easter, so 2nd February 1500 in France would be the same day
> as 2nd February 1501 in countries which changed year on 25th December. So
> even if the month and day numbers might be predictable, you can't rely on
> year numbers. The result is that dates both before and after 1582 need to
> undergo locale conversion, although admittedly it's not quite so
> complicated with the Julian calendar.

It is even more complex. Italy used at least three different datation styles
in the Middle Ages : Pisan, Florentine and Venetian.



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