Change from Gregorian to Julian calendar in Qt 4.2

Jason Harris kstars at
Tue Sep 5 21:19:37 BST 2006


David Jarvie wrote:
> Altogether, I'm not convinced about the desirability of the change. But I'd
> like to hear from people who might actually use pre-1582 dates (e.g. 
> Nicholas Goutte or Jason Harris).

For me, it's more important for the calendar date to accurately reflect the 
season than to precisely record historical dates.  So I would want the 
proleptic Gregorian calendar for that.  Also, I agree with others that year 0 
should be present for continuity (but again, I am biased because I don't care 
so much about matching historical dates).  Conforming to ISO 8601 would seem 
to be a good argument for keeping year 0.


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