kdepring what are the plans?

Thomas Zander zander at kde.org
Sat Sep 9 09:07:06 BST 2006


shortly I will want to add printing support back into KWord. Using as much 
of Qt4s QPrinter capabilities as I can.

Looking in the API docs for kdeprint I note that QPrinter is not used 
there and there is no support for printing to PDF in KPrinter. So this 
confuses me a bit on how to proceed.

What are the plans for kdeprint?  Am I safe when I keep using QPrinter 
directly and assume kdeprint will be refactored to use the PDF output 
from QPrinter directly instead?
Will features like different pagesize per page be supported?

I checked the TODO file and there is nothing there, I would be grateful 
for any info you can give me.
Thomas Zander
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