Adding ThreadWeaver libraries to kdelibs

Thomas Zander zander at
Thu Sep 7 11:53:29 BST 2006

On Thursday 7 September 2006 06:51, Mirko Boehm wrote:
> Other than the fact that until now it uses
> a sane naming scheme (provided that we are in 2006, and file systems
> that are case sensitive are standard), I do not see any technical
> reason that should prevent it from going in. I am fine with reverting
> to a 1992 MS-DOS naming scheme as requested (excuse my sarcasm :-), if
> it is wanted for consistency.

This suprised me as well in kdelibs. So much loss of information due to 
people being used to using lowercase. Face it; "otheritemobserver" takes 
a lot more effort to read than "OtherItemObserver".  Thats why we name 
classes to include uppercase, right?

Not too long ago we had a thread where the outcome was to alter new code 
to the new coding style. What about allowing modern filenaming schemes 
that convey more information? After all it is what people coming from 
school today are used to (as its the Java standard, which is the main 
programming language for most schools).

Consistency is good. Using all the features at your disposal to convey all 
info you can is even better.
Thomas Zander
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