kgrab the new application build on ksnapshot

Marcus Hufgard (Kalkwerk Hufgard GmbH) Marcus.Hufgard at
Wed Sep 6 09:26:27 BST 2006


on the big discussion about ksnapshot i decided to build a new
application called kgrab. At the first version 0.1 there would be only a
GUI change of  KSanpshot with the Funktion "Open With...". On comming
versions ther would be more funktions on picture grabbing which are to
"upblown" for ksnapshot.

This should be on extragear/graphics.

If this looks ok. I want to delete the copy to clipboard button and the
print button on ksnapshot. For this there comes an "Open With..."
button. Anyone who want more funktions on ksnapshot or use the old print
function should use kgrab or ksnapshot with an other application.

Neareby i send you an diff-file. Please could anyone put my patch into
trunk/extragear/graphics. At this time i have no write access on svn,
but i will apply for an kde-account shortly.

I hope this would be in your sense.




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