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Benjamin Meyer ben at meyerhome.net
Sun Sep 3 22:45:21 BST 2006

On Saturday 02 September 2006 11:06 pm, Matt Broadstone wrote:
> Right - would probably help if I actually attached the class :)
> On 9/2/06, Matt Broadstone <mbroadst at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Attached is a replacement for the QToolBox that I have written. It's
> > mainly intended to look MUCH better than the old tool box, but it has
> > a few differences. Notably, there is no longer a concept of a "current
> > page," as we had in QToolBox, also there is no longer a QScrollArea
> > for each individual page in the toolbox, but instead one large one for
> > the whole box. Lastly, you can choose a title and icon for the
> > toolbox. Beyond that (sorry if I've forgotten anything) it tries to
> > maintain as much of the api of the original QToolBox as possible so as
> > to be somewhat of a drop-in replacement for it (not like ANYONE uses
> > the QToolBox in kdelibs and kdebase, hopefully because it was too ugly
> >
> > :) ). Anyway - hope you all dig it, please let me know what you think
> >
> > can be improved, and hopefully we can get this in kdeui sooner than
> > later.
> >
> > Matt Broadstone

It looks cool, can you please make a directory in playground/base for your 
code.  Something like:


This way it can be very easily evaluated and the code has revision history as 
it is improved and when it is ready to move in it will be really easy.

- Animations, using QTimeLine to have animations as things are opened and 
closed.   I have created this widget myself to show off the timeline class 
(not as fully fleshed out of course).  Check out OS X's Finder information 
dialog for an example or Windows XP's Explorer.  (I am assuming it doesn't 
animate, but I haven't tried running it in an example)  

- There are no docs or autotests



- Is it common to have a header for the widget?  Guess this goes with the docs 
to other example implementations.  If not you could remove two of the 

- Rather then having setIcon and setTitle just have index 0 be the widget 
itself that you can set the text and icon. (removing four functions)

- The addItem and insertItem functions could have QIcon default values.  Text 
is required, icons aren't.  This removed two more functions.

   int addItem(QWidget *widget, const QString &text, const QIcon icon = 
QIcon() );

- Is there a need for itemInserted() and itemRemoved() signals?  It can't be 
done from the user and looking at QToolBox I don't see those signals there 

- minor: showEvent and changeEvent (change the variable e -> event)
- minor: "if(" -> "if ("
- minor: don't forget to delete your private

- The private slots can use the moc trip to put them in the Private class so 
when you don't want to use a toolbar internally you can remove/change those 
slots without breaking BC.  (see qtextedit.h for an example usage)

At least for the API it looks pretty good and simple, need to play with an 
example to get a better feel for it and see example code usage of it.

-Benjamin Meyer

aka icefox
Public Key: http://www.icefox.net/public_key.asc
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