RFC: KToolBox - alternative impl. - GroupContainer

Jaroslaw Staniek js at iidea.pl
Sat Sep 2 23:35:33 BST 2006

Matt Broadstone said the following, On 2006-09-02 23:05:

> Attached is a replacement for the QToolBox that I have written. It's
> mainly intended to look MUCH better than the old tool box, but it has
> a few differences. Notably, there is no longer a concept of a "current
> page," as we had in QToolBox, also there is no longer a QScrollArea
> for each individual page in the toolbox, but instead one large one for
> the whole box. Lastly, you can choose a title and icon for the
> toolbox. Beyond that (sorry if I've forgotten anything) it tries to
> maintain as much of the api of the original QToolBox as possible so as
> to be somewhat of a drop-in replacement for it (not like ANYONE uses
> the QToolBox in kdelibs and kdebase, hopefully because it was too ugly
> :) ). Anyway - hope you all dig it, please let me know what you think
> can be improved, and hopefully we can get this in kdeui sooner than
> later.

FYI: alternative look:

I needed such thing too, where every "section" can contain any QWidget.
So far I use my own simple toolbox implementation:


It's KoProperty::GroupContainer and (internal) GroupWidgetBase class.

It uses KMenuTitle's style with [+] box for drawing itself with good reuse of 
KDE Styles.

I do not have this implemented a generic class with KToolBox-like API, so far 
I just used it with vbox layout. What I propose is to consider using this 
style or similar.



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