RFC: KToolBox

Gary L. Greene Jr. greeneg at phoenuxos.com
Sat Sep 2 22:11:05 BST 2006

On Saturday 02 September 2006 17:06, Matt Broadstone wrote:
> Right - would probably help if I actually attached the class :)
> On 9/2/06, Matt Broadstone <mbroadst at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Attached is a replacement for the QToolBox that I have written. It's
> > mainly intended to look MUCH better than the old tool box, but it has
> > a few differences. Notably, there is no longer a concept of a "current
> > page," as we had in QToolBox, also there is no longer a QScrollArea
> > for each individual page in the toolbox, but instead one large one for
> > the whole box. Lastly, you can choose a title and icon for the
> > toolbox. Beyond that (sorry if I've forgotten anything) it tries to
> > maintain as much of the api of the original QToolBox as possible so as
> > to be somewhat of a drop-in replacement for it (not like ANYONE uses
> > the QToolBox in kdelibs and kdebase, hopefully because it was too ugly
> >
> > :) ). Anyway - hope you all dig it, please let me know what you think
> >
> > can be improved, and hopefully we can get this in kdeui sooner than
> > later.
> >
> > Matt Broadstone

For those of us who are visual in nature, can you post somewhere a screenshot 
to look at? When I design UI, I like to have an idea how it looks first :)
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