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Robert Knight robertknight at
Tue Oct 31 13:41:40 GMT 2006

Hello Sebastian,

I have checked out and built the code that is in SVN so far, although
when building service-impl, tests and service-browser the linker
complained that it could not find the knepclient library.

I had to manually patch the CMakeLists.txt files to include the
absolute path of the knepclient library.  Is there anything I need to
pass to cmake when building the code to make it automatically look in
the right directory?


On 30/10/06, Sebastian TrĂ¼g <strueg at> wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I would like to (once again) officially announce the Nepomuk-KDE project [1]
> which aims to provide a full implementation of the standards and APIs defined
> in Nepomuk on the KDE Desktop.
> As a sub-project of Nepomuk the two main issues are the maintenance and
> intensive usage of metadata throughout the desktop and powerful peer-to-peer
> collaboration techiques. In the first phase of the NEPOMUK-KDE project the
> focus lies on the metadata part. There are basicly three kinds of metadata to
> be found on the desktop:
> * Metadata that can be found in files stored on the local harddisk like tag
>   information in audio files, timestamps, or simple indexed text. This
>   metadata can be extracted and indexed at any time and is exactly the type of
>   information current desktop search projects as Beagle or Strigi are based
>   on.
> * Metadata created manually by the user. In the most simple case this can be a
>   comment to a file or an email. But it could also mean the grouping of
>   several resources under one topic and so on.
> * The most interesting type of metadata is, however, the kind that cannot be
>   extracted easily by an indexer and is not generated by the user manually.
>   This includes for example the url of a file that is downloaded from the
>   internet. Once saved on the local harddisk this information is lost. The
>   same goes for the (rather popular) example of email attachments: Once an
>   email attachment is saved to the local harddisk its connection to the email
>   and with it the connection to the sender is lost. These are just two
>   examples relating to the source of files. There are many more.
> The goal of the NEPOMUK-KDE project is to create facilities to allow each KDE
> application to take advantage of this metadata. That means that a KDE
> application can easily create new metadata, search metadata, search relations
> between resources based on metadata, and so on.
> Please have a look at the Nepomuk-KDE Wiki [1] and consider subscribing to the
> mailing list or join us on IRC (#nepomuk-kde).
> Have a nice day,
> Sebastian Trueg, Maintainer of the Nepomuk-KDE project
> [1]

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