Virtual MimeTypes support patch

Waldo Bastian Waldo.Bastian at
Wed Oct 25 13:44:17 BST 2006

On Sunday 22 October 2006 12:55, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> A Dissabte 21 Octubre 2006 21:05, Jos van den Oever va escriure:
> > The solution given here:
> >
> > is not entirely clear to me.
> > If I understand correctly, each plugin may add support for additional
> > mimetypes, so the part of the .desktop file that talks about mimetype
> > support for an application should be dynamic. How will the proposed
> > XML format solve this?
> Ignore that :-D
> Basically each plugin installs a desktop file that says that extends that
> virtual mimetype adding some mimetypes. For more in depth explanation on
> how the .desktop has to look, see my patch, there is a nice description of
> that.

I suggest to support it by means of a XML snippet in the shared mimetype 
format (may need some extension there if it isn't expresable by any of the 
current Is-Also semantics) Other than that I like the idea and I think it's 
something that is very useful.

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