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Jarosław Staniek js at
Fri Oct 20 09:17:38 BST 2006

Benjamin Meyer said the following, On 2006-10-20 00:54:

> On Thursday 19 October 2006 8:46 pm, Thomas Zander wrote:
>>A better strategy is the scribus guys to start depending on kdelibs as
>>there are no porting issues in kde4 anymore.
> Haha, sorry, but I doubt any applications that have their own release schedule 
> and are currently using Qt4 (and not kde) will *add* a dependency on KDE4libs 
> until at minimum kdelibs puts out a beta.  I know I wouldn't. My app wouldn't 
> have everything that kdelibs will give me, but if I added a dependency on 
> kdelibs right now my releases would freeze and worse I would have *no* idea 
> when kdelibs will be released on all my platforms so that I can just have a 
> dependency.  Maybe I wouldn't have another release for a year.  That is just 
> suicide for a lot of small open source applications that have a few 
> developers.
> Way more likely they will rip out the parts of KDE they want themselves until 
> kdelibs gets a stable release out.

Completely agree here. The reason why people still choose Qt-only way and not
kdelibs is to decrease deps. There're disadvantages (reinventing KIO, etc.)
but it's their choice. For someone it can be also a matter of being able to
ship his/her app with today's distros, without waiting about one year when
KDE4 appears on users' computers.

What about Martin Konold's RUDI idea, applied to this particular problem?

This adds complexity though, so for KROSS we need someone commited to this
particular part of the development. Sebastian seems to be busy. The same for
me when we're talking about Qt-only KexiDB.

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