Where to put my program inside the KDE SVN

Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Tue Oct 17 23:36:24 BST 2006

Gwenael Casaccio wrote:
>I'm a new commiter for the KDE SVN and I'm the main developper of
> KTabEdit (http://ktabedit.sf.net) which is a tablature editor (music
> writing for guitar). I don't know where I can put KTabEdit (it can be
> in : kmusic (but it is not very active :D), kde-multimedia, or
> extragear).
>I have an other question if ktabedit is inside the SVN do I have to
> update ktab for  kde 4 ?

You should put your program in either playground or in kdereview. The 
review period will allow testers to have the time to test as well as 
translators to have the time to properly translate your app before it 
going mainstream. Usability experts could have a look at it too.

If your application is KDE 3-based, your only evolution option for the 
moment is extragear. There will be no new applications going into 

If your application has already been ported to KDE 4, we can consider 
moving it into one of the main (non-extragear) modules. Though, to be 
frank, I'd say extragear is more suited (IMO).

As for updating it to KDE 4, you'll have to do it one day, eventually. 
There's no rush to do it now, though.

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