Using scripting languages for KDE4 main modules

Alfredo Beaumont alfredo.beaumont at
Tue Oct 10 11:26:57 BST 2006

Astelehena 09 Urria 2006 19:20(e)an, Aaron J. Seigo(e)k idatzi zuen:
> On Sunday 08 October 2006 2:23, Alfredo Beaumont wrote:
> > compared to what we want to offer with KOffice. Basic is not enough for
> > that and we don't want to condemn our users (administrators) to that. As
> oh, please don't misunderstand me: i'm certainly -not- suggesting basic
> should be used in koffice. *shudder* i was simply pointing out that real
> world examples show that "simple", lightweight languages that are very
> straightforward do the job well for the majority of people engaged in the
> use case of "making something for me and/or my company".

IMHO, we don't really know whether these simple languages work well, because 
we don't know how well would this have worked with any non-simple language.

I think that emacs/teco is a good example of why "simple", lightweight 
languages do not work well.
Alfredo Beaumont Sainz

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