proposal for full application scripting language in KDE 4

Guillaume Laurent glaurent at
Mon Oct 9 10:07:27 BST 2006

Richard Dale wrote:
> Using the results of a survey to optimise the
> performance of kde4 modules by eliminating language diversity, before
> anyone has even written apps for them in any dynamic language, is a
> perfect example of premature optimization in my opinion.

Richard, if there's one thing I've learned from my time with gtkmm and 
Gnome, it's that language diversity is *NOT* such a good thing. It has 
very strong downsides, the main one being that it needs a whole lot of 
human resources (devs and doc writers) to actually work, which we don't 
have. Otherwise what you end up with is a bunch of half-finished 
bindings which aren't usable in practice because they're not reliable 
and documented enough. The dependency problem is another issue, if you 
want to avoid the chicken/egg problem, the only solution is to have a 
single "official" binding which you know will be installed along with 
KDE. I don't think that trying to have more is doable in practice.


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