proposal for full application scripting language in KDE 4

Alexander Dymo dymo at
Sat Oct 7 23:21:20 BST 2006

On Sunday 08 October 2006 00:07, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> Right now it seems the consensus is "At least two." (C++ and some scripting
> language) 
From the voting results I clearly see the consensus is three: c++, python and
ruby. There's little sence to start arguing about another 
"one true (scripting) language". Let's just accept the things as they are now.
We have enough people interested in writing both (ruby and python) languages
and we have both ruby and python bindings very well maintained. 

> and I'm reasonably convinced that three makes things harder, not
> easier than two.
Harder? One more dependency is harder? I don't get it.

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