KLibLoader broken on OSX

Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Sat Oct 7 20:02:30 BST 2006

Dirk Mueller wrote:
>Oh, ok. Misunderstanding. I've not claimed that the code is supposed to
> stay that way forever. :) The problem is that we currently have about
> 23 places in KDE (according to lxr), that call KLibrary::findLibrary
> (which maps a lib to an absolute path) without actually loading it. I
> could certainly use the qlibrary code in your test.cpp to implement the
> searching, however I fear that it is a little bit slow to dlopen it
> just for fun. I was planning to get rid of those 23 places to be able
> to remove the findLibrary API ,then we can simplify the stuff a lot and
> benefit from the behaviour in QLibrary you pointed out.

Well, why do they find a library but don't load them? Are you also sure 
they don't load later?

I tried the search in lxr.kde.org and found only 3 circumstances (not 
places) where findLibrary is used without loading the library:

* IOSlave launching (the library is found in klauncher, but kdeinit 
actually opens it)
* kst: I have no idea why it puts the result of findLibrary in a widget
* Kross: it checks for the presence of its Python and Ruby interpreters by 
finding the library instead of finding .desktop files.
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