Using scripting languages for KDE4 main modules

Dirk Mueller mueller at
Sat Oct 7 03:34:16 BST 2006

On Tuesday, 3. October 2006 20:30, Kevin Krammer wrote:

> If an application using one of KDE's bindings would be a nice addition to
> KDE Edu, can the KDE Edu maintainer import it into kdeedu?

Today: no. 

In the future: yes. 

The problem is that it would generate a dependency on  kdebindings3 or some 
other bindings (PyKDE for example), which kdeedu currently doesn't have. it 
would be a good idea to re-sort the inter-module dependencies so that this is 
sanely possible. (right now kdebindings depends on a lot of other modules.). 

Actually,  the biggest discussion seemed to have evolved around "which 
language do we choose?" aka "does it have to be javascript?" - which 
apparently some people favor. 

for me, this is not the most critical question right now, but there is for 
sure one language that beats all others due to non-technical reasons: python. 
It has commercial support, a strong community and real life applications 
build upon it (eric4, kumula, etc). I've not seen that so far for ruby or 

Anyhow, I would be more than happy about a KDE application written in java or 
C# as well (which don't that high runtime overhead like python apps have). 


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