Using scripting languages for KDE4 main modules

Cyrille Berger cberger at
Sun Oct 1 12:53:32 BST 2006

> >Not for Koffice, fortunately. We have Kross, which makes it really easy
> > to offer one scripting interface that works with any language for which
> > there's an interpreter plugin. We first used kjs for Krita's scripting
> > language, but it was a pain to provide bindings to the objects we
> > wanted to expose to script writers, and it was a pain to write scripts.
It's not quiet correct :) The pain to write scripts in JavaScript is your 
personnal opinion :) as for the API to write bindings, it wasn't quiet 
pleasant, but I had wrotten a thin layer on top of kjs/kjsembed to get an api 
that I like more :)
But the real reason why the kjs/kjsembed binding was never completed is that I 
started to work on it just before a period when I lost interest in 
programming for kde, and when I came back I decided that it was a better idea 
to have some sort of universal binding, that would work for all scripting 
languages. That's when I discovered Sebastian had developed for kexi the 
solution I wanted to use.

> It doesn't have to be KJS, but it would be nice if it were, since it's
> already installed and part of KDE Libs.
> But if any scripting is provided, JavaScript (in some form or another)
> should be supported. That's what was decided in aKademy 2005.
In trunk, there is an initial support for kjs/kjsembed for kross. Even if I 
have never understood that decision (JavaScript is neither a good language 
for non-programmer, neither a language that is liked by programmers...), 
KOffice (and all applications that decide to use kross) will have support for 

--- Cyrille Berger ---

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