[PyKDE] Re: Plans for Python bindings in KDE 4

Olaf Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
Tue Nov 28 14:04:33 GMT 2006

[ Phil Thompson, Fr., 24. Nov. 2006 19:04 ]
> Didn't that agreement pre-date the GPL version of Qt?

Yes, but the agreement has been updated accordingly and is still very 
important. It ensures that all releases of Qt will be available under the 

An agreement with Riverbank would similarly ensure that every new version of 
the bindings would be released under the GPL. It would not, however, 
guarantee that Riverbank releases updated bindings at all for a new Python 

> I don't see what the purpose of such an agreement would be given the code is
> available under the GPL.

All Qt 4.x release will be binary compatible with earlier Qt 4.y releases, so 
couldn't we simply continue using the old bindings if Riverbank should ever 
stop to realise new GPL-licensed Python bindings? If we wish to use features 
of new Qt versions, then we might have to update the bindings ourselves, of 
course, but my impression is that an agreement with Riverbank would not be as 
important as with Trolltech.

But what about new Python versions - could there be incompatible updates of 
the language itself?


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