Plans for Python bindings in KDE 4

Phil Thompson phil at
Fri Nov 24 18:04:56 GMT 2006

On Friday 24 November 2006 5:37 pm, Simon Edwards wrote:
> On Wednesday 15 November 2006 21:12, Simon Edwards wrote:
> > Background
> > ~~~~~~~~~~
> > The Python bindings consist of a couple of parts. The binding tool SIP
> > which is used to help generate the binding C++ code, PyQt, Python/Qt
> > bindings which
> > use SIP. Both are produced by Phil Thompson at Riverbank Computing[1] in
> > the UK, and are available under the GPL or via a commercial closed source
> license
> > which can be bought. This model is similar to Trolltech's of course.
> > SIP/PyQt
> > has been available and in commercial use since 1998 and support the same
> > platforms as Qt itself.
> Sebas was asking if there is an agreement with Riverbank like the one
> between the FreeQt foundation and Trolltech. i.e. what happens to SIP and
> PyQt if Riverbank go out of business. Currently there is no such agreement
> in place if Riverbank disappears. We could try organising one if people
> feel that it is necessary.
> And also just to be clear, there are no plans to keep a copy of SIP or PyQt
> in KDE SVN like what has been done during in KDE 3.

Didn't that agreement pre-date the GPL version of Qt? I don't see what the 
purpose of such an agreement would be given the code is available under the 


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