Mocups of focus hints for panes

Jarosław Staniek js at
Sun Nov 26 22:15:03 GMT 2006

Anders Lund wrote:

> On Sunday 26 November 2006 21:05, Jarosław Staniek wrote:
>> PS: talking about tab's "highlight" color we have at least two
>> possibilities: 1. to take the highlight color: QPalette::Highlight
>> 2. to take the "active" color from the window decoration
> One of the few problems with the Plastik style is that the visual
> difference between active and inactive tabs in a tabbar is very little.
> Other styles makes more difference.

IIRC Every style has such problems, except the High Contrast (but it's ugly 
for people without disabilities, OTOH).
One general note here is that dotted line around a widget is no more visible 
in today's LCD displays. 
This especially includes QListView items' focus hint that just uses the dotted 
line as focus and nothing more. I cannot imagine a style that shows more 
visible focus hint there (except large dots as in the High Contrast), so 
colouring the parent tab (or window dock header or QLabel) seems to be the 
candidate, right?

> As for using Qt assistant as example:
> Frankly, any application that has two tabbed panes (or in any other way
> displays two tabbars in one main window) is inaccessible pr design.

Why and what's your alternative to get usable/accesible GUI? Note that when 
we're referring to tabs, we do mean QToolBoxes and multiple main windows 
docks as an alternative to get the same functionality. 
Tab bars offer setting accelerators and in KDE these are set automatically. I 
tend to use setFocusProxy() whenever possible to make any pane accessible. 
The missing bit is the visual hint, and we're talking about exactly this.

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