Developer article for KDE 4's new i18n framework

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Sun Nov 26 14:29:47 GMT 2006

  Hi!  I know you don't want ot go into too much, but why don't you
like the %n ?  It seems to work pretty well for me..


On 26/11/06, Chusslove Illich <caslav.ilic at> wrote:
> > [: Matt Rogers :]
> > Would anybody who is knowledgable in the new i18n framework for KDE 4 be
> > willing to help me out with writing an article/howto for
> > about how all the new stuff works and what things to
> > do and not to do?
> I should be able to help out -- or else I better get beaten.
> There is just one little thing that's bothering me at the moment: I
> seriously want to do away with %n in plural messages, but still haven't
> got the time to mount a proposal and discussion about it. However, it
> shouldn't change much in the article if it happens, in fact it should
> simplify it at that point.
> Another thing is a possibility of implementing contextual
> representation/markup of some usuall argument types (the last i18n
> discussion on the list was about it). But that would be a totally new
> feature, so again it wouldn't change the article, but rather add to it
> (just avoid rich-text markup in the examples).
> > Pointers to previous threads on the subject from the mailing list
> > archive would also be useful to go with my own about-to-start research
> > on the subject.
> (Just stating what I know about, for the sake of completness.)
> There is a section in "KDE Programmer's i18n howto" dealing with code
> preparation, of course still using kde3 framework, but otherwise providing
> conceptual points that still hold.
> There is a section on new framework in kdelibs/KDE4PORTING.html.
> There is the API doc for KLocalizedString.
> As for the list discussions, they were more in a brainstorming manner, but
> if you want to read them, anything with i18n in the subject in the past
> year will do :)
> --
> Chusslove Illich (Часлав Илић)

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