KGlobalAccel in KDE3.5.5 and KMix

Christian Esken esken at
Sat Nov 25 10:53:37 GMT 2006


I received some bug reports ([1],[2]) about global shortcut problems in KMix. People upgrade from KDE3.5.2 (or 3.5.4) to KDE3.5.5, and it simply stops to work. There are several very interesting aspects in this:
1) People report it broken in *various* distributions (SuSE, KUbuntu, Arch Linux)
1a) So this is not a packaging issue of a certain distribution
1b) It works perfect for me in SuSE10.0 (reported as broken). This is independent of whether I use the "official" SuSE pacakges or compile it myself.
1c) It works perfect for me in KUbuntu 6.10 Live CD (reported as broken)
1d) As it works for me, it doesn't sound like a general KMix problem.
2) The shortcuts work in other applications, even those who use Global Shortcuts
3) It is not the ususal case (that some other unknown application has taken the shortcut). This was check
4) It is not a problem of special keys with specific keyboards (e.g. the infamous Logitech XF86AudioRaiseVolume issue). The problem is also there with regular key combinations (e.g. CTRL-m).

I am pretty stuck here, and would be very happy if someone could shed some light on this issue.



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