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Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Tue Nov 21 11:18:20 GMT 2006

On Monday 20 November 2006 21:05, Leo Savernik wrote:

> Yeah, but then we're totally at the mercy of distributors to assemble
> suitable "kde" metapackages. Some will get it right and others will blow
> it.

Not much difference to our current situation, we are always at their "mercy"

> The current grouping gives invaluable hints to packagers which applications
> to bundle into meta-packages. If essential applications are moved out of
> "KDE - The Desktop Environment", we again have to rely on distributors to
> grab those essentials from KEG and link them in their meta-packages.

It mainly depends if packagers use the source packages we release or if they 
do direct checkouts based on tags. In the first case repository organisation 
can be different to release grouing, in the later we have to adjust 
repository organisation to release needs.

> Even worse, it will lead to a segregation of our user base as distributor x
> may choose suitable application A, while distributor y may choose suitable
> application B for the same purpose.

I am sorry to tell you, but distributors already do this. There can be huge 
differences between what we release and what the users get.
We usually only hear about the neat things, like SUSE's new K-menu thingy, we 
usually do not hear about things like patching KMail's default mail directory 
from ~/Mail to ~/.Mail (instead of using an appropriate default config), or 
the things Waldo mentioned in his Portland talk at aKademy, etc

Assuming KDE, as in software we release and intended user experience, is the 
same KDE, as in software the users install and actual user experience, would 
be ignoring the empirical evidence.

> KEG has become way too big to install it as a whole. Given how bitchy it is
> to extract out a single app and build it (has this improved with cmake?),
> and given that users who want to gain functionality selectively again have
> to know the name of the package, this suggestion seems to lead to more
> disadvantages than advantages.

You mean big compared to such tiny modules as kdegames? ;)

> > Everybody gets "everything of KDE" and everybody is happy and we do no
> > longer need to discuss into which module to put apps.
> <irony detector ringing>

Good :)

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