Okular moving

johnflux at gmail.com johnflux at gmail.com
Fri Nov 17 15:08:01 GMT 2006

  I don't see how you could have designed around that, assuming I read
it correctly.  If a user saved the word document image to the desktop
then in your app tried to import the image then it wouldn't have work
then either.

  At some point you just have to educate the user.  The solution is
not to remove all the functionality from the app!

  You're approaching this the wrong way.  Okay so _you_ only want to
view images/pdfs etc.  Why do you care if it contains extra
functionality?  If it's because it makes it confusing for you, then
argue that directly.  Argue that any extra functionality should not
distract or confuse someone after just the basic functionality.

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