Okular moving

Wilfried Huss Wilfried.Huss at gmx.at
Thu Nov 16 22:25:15 GMT 2006

Am Donnerstag, 16. November 2006 21:00 schrieb Stephen Leaf:
> On Thursday 16 November 2006 1:35 pm, Allen Winter wrote:
> > > Honestly this whole 'my app is better than yours' discussion is just
> > > childish, lets the user decide what they prefer... and don't forget,
> > > we're developing free software, so everybody can use the app which fits
> > > best his needs.
> >
> > I agree.. except.. at some point don't we have to decide on a default
> > app to launch when a user clicks on a ps,pdf,dvi,... icon?
> >
> > I almost would suggest bringing kpdf back, keeping things as in KDE3.
> > And then users/distributions can choose between Ligature, oKular over kpdf.
> okular is a rewrite of kpdf.
> ligature is kviewshell just renamed.
> So they both really are in kdegraphics.
> I have no clue what kuickshow uses (I assume kviewshell?) But as long as we 
> have that same functionality someplace I don't really care what they throw 
> in. kuickshow is indispensable IMO :)

kuickshow is an image viewer. It is a complete separete program.
It does not use kviewshell in any way, and also doesn't share any code
with it.

Wilfried Huss

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