Okular moving

Stephen Leaf smileaf at smileaf.org
Thu Nov 16 20:00:34 GMT 2006

On Thursday 16 November 2006 1:35 pm, Allen Winter wrote:
> > Honestly this whole 'my app is better than yours' discussion is just
> > childish, lets the user decide what they prefer... and don't forget,
> > we're developing free software, so everybody can use the app which fits
> > best his needs.
> I agree.. except.. at some point don't we have to decide on a default
> app to launch when a user clicks on a ps,pdf,dvi,... icon?
> I almost would suggest bringing kpdf back, keeping things as in KDE3.
> And then users/distributions can choose between Ligature, oKular over kpdf.
okular is a rewrite of kpdf.
ligature is kviewshell just renamed.
So they both really are in kdegraphics.
I have no clue what kuickshow uses (I assume kviewshell?) But as long as we 
have that same functionality someplace I don't really care what they throw 
in. kuickshow is indispensable IMO :)
I'm actually not even using the monolithic packages.(I use gentoo's split 
Really no matter where we throw these users can gain access to them.
putting them one or both in KEG isn't really going to harm anyone.
another way of deciding is could either project benefit from a release cycle 
different from KDE?
I know the ligature people have already stated that the KDE release cycle is 
perfect for them so how about okular?

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