KWin in the multi-OS API (was: KMainWindow)

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Wed Nov 15 21:45:48 GMT 2006

On Wednesday 15 November 2006 4:08, Lubos Lunak wrote:
> And I 
> think it'd be better to simply have every function on every platform, even
> if half of them did nothing on some of them.

it would certainly be easier for application developers writing cross-platform 

>  There's also a TODO about moving all the functionality from KWin to
> KWinModule (I hate using KWinInternal in KWin the app). I'm fine with
> calling the result KWMModule, KWM (gee :) ) or whatever suitable.

as a user of these classes, i've come to think of it this way:

 - KWinModule is about "whole desktop" information as it provides information 
about window stacking, virtual desktops, etc... 

 - KWin is about managing individual windows and their state

- KWinInfo is to query information about individual windows

there are a few places in KWin where this breaks: currentDesktop(), 
numberOfDesktops(), setCurrentDeskto() and invokeContextHelp() ... but 
generally it's pretty consistent.

would it make sense then to reorganize these classes into four parts:


with the above methods currently in KWin moving to KDesktopInfo? this leaves 
two setters (setCurrentDesktop and setDesktopName) in KDesktopInfo making it 
not strictly informational. one could make a tiny KDesktopManager class with 
those things in it, bringing the total to four classes?

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