KWin in the multi-OS API (was: KMainWindow)

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at
Wed Nov 15 11:08:04 GMT 2006

On Wednesday 15 November 2006 00:31, Jarosław Staniek wrote:
> Aaron J. Seigo said the following, On 2006-11-14 17:23:
> > KWin::setState(mainWindow->winId(), Net::FullScreen);
> BTW, this reminds me the old TODO: there's no KWin on native mac and
> windows (and even no X11).

 And there doesn't have to be any KWin even on X11 :).

> What about moving stuff like this to more 
> self-documenting names instead of KWin:: and Net:: ?

 There's also a TODO about moving all the functionality from KWin to 
KWinModule (I hate using KWinInternal in KWin the app). I'm fine with calling 
the result KWMModule, KWM (gee :) ) or whatever suitable.

> Of course KWin-specific functionality can stay in KWin::, as the
> documentation can warn about its unportability outside of the X11.

 There's not really any KWin-specific functionality in the KWin class. And I 
think it'd be better to simply have every function on every platform, even if 
half of them did nothing on some of them.

 As for the actual classes, all NET* class except for the NET namespace itself 
are X11-specific and they should probably stay that way. They should be only 
used in libs and X11-specific apps, if normal apps need them, that 
functionality should be also made available by the KWin class to have a 
simpler API.

 So the affected classes should be only KWin+KWinModule and NET, but I'm bad 
at making up new names.

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