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On Monday 13 November 2006 10:56, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> KInstance::makeStdCaption(...). example patch is attached, even ;)

with everyone arguing apparently nobody read the patch ;) i know this because 
there's a problem in that makeStdCaption doesn't know about the window it's 
captioning but nobody has said anything =P

on X11 we have the KWin class which can tell us whether a window is a 
secondary window (KWin::transientFor). AFAICT we don't have something similar 
for windows or mac. so i'd like to suggest that we add such facility to 
kdelibs (windows, mac devs: can you provide implementations, please?).

then we change

QString KInstance::makeStdCaption( const QString &userCaption,                                 
CaptionFlags flags = HIGCompliantCaption )


QString KInstance::makeStandardCaption( const QString &userCaption,                                 
CaptionFlags flags = HIGCompliantCaption, int WId = 0)

and use WId (if non-zero) to check for transient/secondary status on non-X11 
platforms. then we change the uses of makeStandardCaption to use this. 

we would catch 90%+ of cases by simply changing kdialog.cpp:454.

in lxr i see a lot of people unecessarily using makeStdCaption with 
KMessageBox, etc... 

the changes to KInstance, KDialog and the KDE apps can be done before the 
win/mac people getting their part of the work done. 

anyone have an issue with this plan?

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