KProcess documentation fix

Christoph Bartoschek bartoschek at
Mon Nov 13 23:27:25 GMT 2006

Am Montag, 13. November 2006 15:21 schrieb Oswald Buddenhagen:
> >
> > If I remember correctly, QProcess reinstalls the old signal handler upon
> > destruction. This would mean that using a QProcess object temporalily is
> > less error prone than having one object all the time.
> oh, this is such a big win ...
> it doesn't help *anything* to have qprocess restore the signal handler
> when the signal meant for kprocess arrives during the time any qprocess
> is running. the only reliable way to get around it is to have qt not
> mess with the signal handlers after kprocess installs its.

You mean that QProcess should deny service, if it detects that a signal 
handler is already installed?


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