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Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Mon Nov 13 22:14:38 GMT 2006

On Monday 13 November 2006 12:53, Dirk Mueller wrote:
> On Sunday, 12. November 2006 22:34, Pino Toscano wrote:
> > So, can we move okular to kdegraphics?
> Can you comment on the kviewshell comments? Do the functionalities overlap
> or clash?

from a user's POV, it seems that ligature is very much like kpdf 3.5 and 
okular is very much like an improved version of kpdf. the feature overlap is 
pretty much 100%, with okular having a superset of them.

both improve on kpdf with things like a "real" text selection tool, overview 
and facing page layouts, support for multiple file formats, etc ...

ligature has a few nice little advantages: the "read page" nav feature is nice 
as its scrolling sidebar thumbnails.

okular has a well integrated inline search, has additional configurability for 
DRM bits and memory usage (to name a few), supports more file formats 
(numerically and in terms of common desktop relevance), supports reviews (and 
apparently annotations and what not, as seen at akademy though my build from 
svn doesn't have those features?), has a "download books from the internet" 
feature using ghns that simply rocks and has a handful of new UI features ... 
the UI does need more polishing, but that's not surprising given its 
in-high-development state.

ligature supports G3 fax and djvu files which okular doesn't, but then okular 
supports ODT and a number of other interesting formats. if you do a lot of 
djvu or fax viewing ligature may be more useful. i find okular's format 
selection more relevant to my usage, but ymmv.

after having used both, i have to say that it would be rather odd to provide 
both apps by default on a desktop installation due to function overlap.

i can see the following options:

 - the two teams agree to work on one codebase
 - do the same thing we did with cd burners and put them all into KEG and let 
user demand sort it out
 - have the release maintenance team pick one for inclusion with kde4's 
default set of applications and move the other into KEG
 - leave them both where they are because we can't decide and look a bit 
foolish all over again for having obvious duplication in apps

it seems the first one is an outside chance; the last option would be a shame. 
the second option is the easy decision though perhaps the third option is 
better for our users.

i agree with Allen that this is a "nice" job for the new TWG.

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