KDE4 under MacOsX and Windows

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Fri Nov 10 20:20:29 GMT 2006

On Friday 10 November 2006 11:38, Dominik Haumann wrote:
> add a link to how to build kdelibs on windows (e.g. www.kdelibs.com), maybe
> there are some people who try it out immediately and become contributors.

yes. this is something i've started discussing somewhat with Jaroslaw who had 
the foresight to start kdelibs.com in the first place.

> I agree with what you write. To bring all of that under one hat is maybe
> not that easy, as the focus seems to shift to platform independence and
> free software in general :) If done right, this is a nice story =)

shifts ... or grows? to me the focus is *growing* to include more operating 
system choices, just as our focus grew to include an office suite in kde2 or 
third party apps in kde3 with KEG or .... the core of kde has always been 
free software and community for the desktop, and that's not changing. we're 
adding to our repertoire every single year we continue and this is apparently 
one of the next steps in that growth.

the change here is that we're shifting emphasis from the workspace[1] and 
essentially saying "KDE is not a desktop. KDE creates, ships, supports and is 
damn proud of its desktop offering and recommends it above all others, but 
the KDE workspace is but one (very significant) product among many that come 
out of our community."

this positions the trademark "KDE" name as a Free Software consumer computing 
brand with the workspace (e.g. Plasma) a 'premium brand' within that, along 
with our KOffice, Edu, Konqueror, Community[3], etc ... brands. this allows 
it to be much more expansive and inclusive of everyone's efforts. when i read 
stuff like this:

"Tripod is targeted towards a KDE environment, but requires only kdelibs and 
libgpod (cvs), so it is easy to use in any environment."[2]

another little piece of me dies inside (fortunately it's stuff like toenails 
and hair which grow back ;) because it shouldn't need to be said.

this approach solves a host of problems such as the ambiguity of the 
sentence: "This is a KDE program." (as seen abovfe) i've been working on this 
issue for a while now, the marketing working group has joined me in exploring 
this particular avenue (a big helping of gratitude to them and their 
efforts!), and hopefully after this month's meeting in germany we'll have a 
semi-coherent and mostly complete map of the whole shebang:

a Grand Unified Theory of the KDE Brand and Public Positioning.

[1] panels, desktop, window manager, etc...
[2] http://www.sebruiz.net/182
[3] yes, community is a brand for us IMO: to many it is no less important than 
the software we deliver. this is not to commoditize or undervalue the 
community but rather to ensure that we never forget it is central to 
everything we do here and one of the amazing things that gets produced as 
part of the day-to-day of this great project

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