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Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at
Thu Nov 2 14:44:50 GMT 2006

Hi Matt,

I hope your laptop survives ;), happy to hear from you because I tried to
talk you about all this changes... Anyway I finished them, so I hope you
like them.

Less clicks for the user, and more space fit, since if a tab only had one
element (like my Extensions [Google] on konqueror), and it was the first
selected tab, is a lack of space... We can show them all in one place, so we
are fitting better everything.

That code needed to be revisited, nothing more. ;)

OK, when you can just tell me if you agree me to commit.

Yep, I checked out... the "Default" button didn't work for any plugin, the
QWidget wasn't updated when it was clicked. Now what I have observed in this
new class is that some plugins have the "Default" behaviour well and others
not. For example, if I click on "Defaults" on "History" plugin into Kopete,
it will get to defaults if changed, and will behave correctly. But if i do
in other plugins (i don't remember which) it doesn't get to defaults...

Another think that I would like to control is when you have selected an
item, and you have que QWidget configuration at right, then you close or
open any category, it gets deselected (that's okay), but I want to disable
"Defaults" and "Save" if any changes were done into the original selection.

And one more thing, in which I think I will work today, is that I can
include a right-click into the QTreeWidget class to show a contextual menu
with "Expand All" / "Collapse All", that would be really handy if the user
wants to read all possible categories and the categories are not shown at a
first time (because some category has lots of plugins)

Rafael Fernández López.
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