qt-dbus compilation problem

Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Wed May 31 17:31:48 BST 2006

Ralf Habacker wrote:
>Some notes:
>1. Any problem to create the binaries into builddir/bin like kdelibs
>does, it makes it easier to run applications because no additional path
>to libdbus-qt4-1 is required. I would add the relating stuff to main

I don't object. The buildsystem should take care of running 
installed/uninstalled binaries on its own, though.

>2. ping/pong is located in examples and in selftests/qdbusmarshall/ping
>.. /qpong. Isn't this duplicated stuff ?

No. Those are two different programs.

>3. In snapshots of dbus-win3 I had prefixed the examples with 'q' to
>make it clear that this are qt related. This may escpecially sense for
>ping. If the qt-dbus builddir bin is in the system path it may be
>overriden by the system ping tool. Any comments ?

Yes: don't install the examples. They are not meant to be installed.

The only one that will one day be installed is examples/dbus. And it won't 
take a q, because it's meant to replace "dcop".

>4. Not all testcases are working, but this may depends on qt release. I
>will see when I can update to qt 4.1.3

There's only one test failing for me: tst_Hal::lock. It fails in all Qt 
versions I have. Nothing else fails in Qt 4.1.2 for me.
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