qt-dbus compilation problem

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at freenet.de
Wed May 31 17:18:20 BST 2006

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Thiago Macieira schrieb:
> Ralf Habacker wrote:
>> It is really required to qt 4.1.3 ? I'm using qt 4.1.2 with qt-copy
>> patches and examples/pong crashes:
> If you don't use it, examples/dbus will fail on QByteArrays and moc will 
> generate broken data for files output from dbusidl2cpp.
>> Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
>> 0x6390e36a in QDBusAbstractInterface::d_func ()
>>   from C:\Daten\kde4\kdesupport\qt-dbus-build\libdbus-qt4-1.dll
>> (gdb) bt
>> #0  0x6390e36a in QDBusAbstractInterface::d_func ()
>>   from C:\Daten\kde4\kdesupport\qt-dbus-build\libdbus-qt4-1.dll
>> #1  0x638e2fdb in QDBusAbstractInterface::callWithArgs ()
>>   from C:\Daten\kde4\kdesupport\qt-dbus-build\libdbus-qt4-1.dll
>> #2  0x6390e2a5 in QDBusAbstractInterface::call<QString, unsigned int> ()
>>   from C:\Daten\kde4\kdesupport\qt-dbus-build\libdbus-qt4-1.dll
>> #3  0x638c25f0 in QDBusBusService::RequestName ()
>>   from C:\Daten\kde4\kdesupport\qt-dbus-build\libdbus-qt4-1.dll
>> #4  0x00407a13 in QDBusBusService::requestName ()
>> #5  0x00401627 in main ()
>> (gdb) q
>> BTW: recent dbus-win32 tar balls are located at
>> http://webdev.cegit.de/snapshots/kde-windows/dbus-win/.
> Any chance you can get debugging symbols in there? Also make sure that the 
> bus daemon is running.
Tried to recompile again with debugging symbols and later without
debugging symbols, no more crash, seem that my build directory was
corrupted in some case.

Some notes:

1. Any problem to create the binaries into builddir/bin like kdelibs
does, it makes it easier to run applications because no additional path
to libdbus-qt4-1 is required. I would add the relating stuff to main

2. ping/pong is located in examples and in selftests/qdbusmarshall/ping
.. /qpong. Isn't this duplicated stuff ?

3. In snapshots of dbus-win3 I had prefixed the examples with 'q' to
make it clear that this are qt related. This may escpecially sense for
ping. If the qt-dbus builddir bin is in the system path it may be
overriden by the system ping tool. Any comments ?

4. Not all testcases are working, but this may depends on qt release. I
will see when I can update to qt 4.1.3



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