Announcing the merge of the kdelibs4-dbus branch

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Tue May 30 14:39:46 BST 2006

Thiago Macieira schrieb:
> Thiago Macieira wrote:
>> I'll prepare an email with the porting highlights. But, right now, you
>> can refer to the wiki
>> (
>> for porting instructions.
> Ok, as promised, the highlights needed for porting:
> 1) you need the CVS version of D-BUS library. The one that your 
> distribution installed, even if it's 0.61, probably won't be enough to 
> compile QtDBus. Apparently the D-BUS developers forgot to install one 
> header (dbus-signature.h) for a long time and no one noticed.
> There's also the issue that a bug in the dbus-daemon program prevented 
> calls with interface="" from being delivered. So if you want to use KDE 
> programs that make calls with empty interface names, you need to upgrade 
> your dbus daemon to the CVS version as well.
> 2) you need the Subversion or CVS version of QtDBus. It's official home is 
> now in trunk/kdesupport in our Subversion server, with CMake as its 
> primary build system. I merged all changes yesterday to the 
> CVS, so what you compile with --enable-qt in the dbus CVS 
> will be the same code as our Subversion repository.
> 3) QtDBus has lot of debugging enabled by default. So you see every 
> message sent or received being dumped to your stdout. If you want a quiet 
> build, you need to add -DQT_NO_DEBUG -DQT_NO_DEBUG_STREAM to the 
> preprocessor flags.
> 4) There is no Windows port of libdbus-1 yet -- at least, nothing that I 
> have seen. Ralf can be more specific about this, but unless the port is 
> made working by tomorrow, KDE on Win32 will stop building tomorrow.
There is already a working binary snapshot of dbus-win32 containing a libdbus-1. See

It needs some update for the latest qtDBus changes. 

> 5) QtDBus finds libdbus-1 through pkg-config and KDE finds QtDBus through 
> pkg-config as well. The QtDBus .pc file contains dependency info on Qt, 
> so Qt must be found using pkg-config as well. Make sure your 
> PKG_CONFIG_PATH contains $QTDIR/lib then, as well as wherever you 
> installed D-BUS and QtDBus to.
> The buildsystem guys can probably change my FindQtDBus.cmake script if 
> they want to, in order to find the library in another way.
which will be required for windows. I think currently dbus-win32 will be 
distributed as separate package, later may be as gnuwin32 package.


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