KMessage/KMessageHandler: a core/ui seperation for displaying message.

Leo Savernik l.savernik at
Sun May 28 22:14:30 BST 2006

Am Sonntag, 28. Mai 2006 22:46 schrieb Michaƫl Larouche:
> I use internalShowStdOutMessage as a last ressort thing. They don't mean to
> be really useful, just to show the message if the developer didn't setup a
> MessageHandler.

Well, it *is* useful. It is the lowest common denominator that is guaranteed 
to work everywhere (even if not readily visible in GUI-apps, but proper 
defaults save us bug reports). In a cli-tool, it's the "natural" way of 
handling messages.

Besides that I'm still of the opinion that all messages should go to stderr by 
default, probably making it configurable.


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