KMessage/KMessageHandler: a core/ui seperation for displaying message.

Michaël Larouche michael.larouche at
Sun May 28 21:46:39 BST 2006

Le May 28, 2006 15:22, Frans Englich a écrit :
> On Sunday 28 May 2006 19:01, Matt Rogers wrote:
> > On Sunday 28 May 2006 12:06, Michaël Larouche wrote:
> [...]
> > > The patch include:
> > > -KMessage,KMessageHandler,KMessageBoxMessageHandler,KPassivePopupMessag
> > >eH an dler -KMessage_Test in kdeui/tets
> >
> > Why are you making KMessage::internalShowStdOutMessage a generic logging
> > mechanism? We have kDebug for debug messages, so we should remove any
> > sort of debug message handling from KMessage.
> I disagree on removing the enum(e.g, removing the possibility), but I can
> understand skipping using KMessage for debugging in some scenarios. I want
> the possibility to exist, because in some cases a kDebug call is
> insufficient. For example, you want to receive debug data in an ordered
> fashion somewhere else, or in some other way intercept & display it.

Exactly, you can use Debug type to use your own debug methods if you don't 
like kDebug().

I use internalShowStdOutMessage as a last ressort thing. They don't mean to be 
really useful, just to show the message if the developer didn't setup a 
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